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The Company

Integrity Medical Credentialing Services was created to help providers build a strong base for their practice. We believe in provider education because it's crucial that providers are aware of what's going on with their credentialing and information. Incorrect information at the foundation of your livelihood can cause your business to crumble. Giving providers knowledge about their credentialing gives them the freedom to provide services knowing they have a solid foundation for their practice. Understanding how the different portals and sites can affect your credentialing is important for providers to know. This is the foundation of your work and crucial that it is done correctly. Let us help you create and maintain a strong business that will last. 

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The Founder


With an in depth knowledge of medical credentialing, a background in medical billing, and years of experience as a consultant, Emily started Integrity Medical Credentialing Services with the intent of providing quality services to providers. Emily is a seasoned navigator in the intricate world of medical credentialing and consulting. She has helped countless providers across various specialties secure their credentials and confidently embark on their professional journeys. Emily's dedication lies in empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to streamline the credentialing process, minimize frustrations, and maximize efficiency. More than just a consultant, Emily is a trusted advisor. She takes the time to understand your specific needs and goals, providing personalized, transparent, and supportive service throughout the entire credentialing journey. Her dedication to client satisfaction is evident in her high success rate and long-standing relationships with healthcare professionals.

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