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Can you credential an office with multiple specialties?

Yes, we are well-versed in credentialing integrated offices with different specialties.

Do you charge for consultations?

The first consultation is free! After that we do charge by the hour for consultations. We strive to make consultation hours as productive as possible.

Do you provide billing services?

Not at this time! Until that is a service we provide, we can recommend some billers we trust to handle your billing needs.

Have you credentialed clinics for DME?

Yes, we have credentialed clinics for Medicare accredited and non-accredited DME. We've also handled state and commercial DME for providers.

What are your prices?

We charge per application. After a consultation call to asses your credentialing needs, we'll send you an estimated cost. Should you approve the estimation, you'll pay AFTER the applications are submitted.

What states do you provide services to?

We serve all 50 USA states

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