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  • Unsure of what direction you want to take your clinic?

  • Opening a new integrated Clinic?

  • Need help understanding how the credentialing world operates and how to best utilize it?

We can help you learn the ends and outs of how Insurance portals work, understand the credentialing process, and the importance of setting your practice up correctly for success.

Contract and Plan Review

  • Are you uncertain of what insurance companies you are in network with?

  • Do you have a new provider coming on and you want to verify what insurance(s) they are contracted with?

  • Are you having issues with payments from insurances?​

Every provider should know what their contract entails and the plans that they are in network with. Having your contract in hand can also help reduce billing/payment issues.

Initial Credentialing

If you want to start accepting insurance(s), such as Medicare, BCBS, etc., at your clinic, you’ll need to be enrolled with the insurance company first. Let us take the pressure of first time enrollment! We’ll do our best to ensure a smooth set up.

  • Are you a new provider?

  • Are you setting up a new clinic? 

  • Did you just graduate and need to set up your NPI?

Update Existing Group

  • Do you have a provider joining your clinic?

  • Are you starting a clinic and want to connect yourself to your clinic’s contract?

When you change addresses, the clinic's legal or dba name, or add locations it needs to be relayed to the insurance companies you are contracted with so there’s no pause or errors in billing and payments.

Credentialing Maintenance

It’s important to maintain your information so that the insurance companies have an accurate and up to date record. Having incorrect and out of date information can lead to billing/payment issues, lapse in coverage, and contract termination.

  • Are you having issues receiving payments from insurance?

  • Do you need assistance maintaining your NPI, CAQH, Availity, and other insurance portals?

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