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PECOS has Three Sites!?

What are they used for?

Did you know that there are three sites that use the same login? It can get very confusing about which site you should go to for Medicare applications, updating your NPI, and where to access your information.

Don't worry, you aren't the only one! Here's a simple breakdown of each site and its purpose.

You can create an account on the Identity and Access site first. This is also known as the I&A site. After you make this account, it also gives you access to two other important sites. The login information used for I&A will also be used for the following two sites. Record what information is used to set up this account and the security questions. It isn't easy to recover your account if you don't know what information was used to set it up. This is where you will connect your group NPI (if applicable) and maintain your personal information on file.

The NPPES site is where you will fill out the application for your NPI. It typically takes 1-48 hours for an NPI to be approved. You do not need to create a separate account for your clinic and group NPI. Usually, the clinic/group NPI is made in the owner's account. You do not have to be a provider to create an account, but if you are, it's good practice to have your individual and group NPI in your account. 

The PECOS site is where you can submit an application to Medicare for enrollment. This is also where you will find all Medicare applications that you've submitted. If you are establishing a group NPI, you'll need to request access as an Authorized Official through the I&A site before you can submit Medicare applications. This process can take up to two weeks but typically is processed within a few days.

Once you've mastered these sites, you can proceed confidently knowing how to best utilize them.

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